Wednesday, November 26, 2008


At last, we are able to give you all the tentative screening date under the "wajib tayang" scheme. Our film have already received the approval from the "Lembaga Penapisan Filem" last week with no scenes being censored. We had submitted our request for screening from FINAS last week and we already have the tentative date : 12 February 2009. However, the date is subjected to the agreement of the panel which will convince their meeting immediately after Hari Raya Haji. So for now, we hope that date will be our official screening date and we will let all the fans know the official date once we have the confirmation from FINAS.

On Monday, 24/11/2008, Atuk and Nizam went to Bangkok to finalize the sense around works by Kantana Studio. For two days we went through the audio design in the designated screening hall and we feel that it will not dissapoint the fans. We have also reviewed the optical images from the 5 reels the result was outstanding. The pictures are sharp and Atuk believe it will be the best local production that you will ever see.
Atuk, Nizam and Pang, the Kantana sound engineer at the dolby mixing studio

Nizam and Phang at work.
Yesterday, we are also lucky of being able to fly back home from Bangkok as the mob had taken over the airport. We were forced to make a very long de tour to escape the massive traffic jam leading to the airport. On arrival at the airport, all the main road to the terminal were flooded with demonstrators facing the authorities. We heard two shots and the authorities were moving towards them. We were lucky that the Kantana's driver managed to navigate his way to the lower portion of the terminal and we managed to board our plane home. If we had arrived half an hour later, the airport will be closed and we will be stranded in Bangkok. Next week, we are supposed to go again to review the completed works. Depending on the situation, we might not be going and ask them to send the final copies. Anyway, we will try to do our best to deliver the best film you had ever seen produced locally.
He..he.. janagn lupa, saksikan filem di pawagam pada 12hb February 2009